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Welcome to Big Cat Studios!


So, what’s this Big Cat Studios thing all about? Well, we’re a small design company run by some people who are very passionate about great design [and cats]. We got together and decided that our undying love for cats [and design] can be fueled into a company that will finally fill the void of great and affordable design and print services.


Check out our “Services” page and “Gallery” to see some of our awesomeness.


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We specialize in various creative design and print services. But enough with the business talk; to give you an idea of how awesome we are, here are a few services we provide:

Logo Design

Want your logo to be as fearsome as a lion with a chainsaw? We can do that! Want a logo to be as cute as a kitten eating a cupcake? No problem! Want to have a logo that is sharper than a puma with diamonds for claws? You got it!

Business Card Design

We make wonderful business cards. Period. Our designs are as fresh as a mountain spring and will make those lucky enough to receive them think you are just as cool, if not cooler.

Other Design Services (Including Websites!)

Thought we only do business card designs? Well, you’re in for a surprise because we also do super awesome designs for flyers, brochures, stickers, magnets, envelopes, letterheads, booklets… The list just goes on and on.  Did we also mention we do web design? Get in touch with us – your new gorgeous website awaits!

Printing Services

What a better way to wrap up all these awesome designs than get them [awesomely] printed? Well, we couldn’t think of a better way, but we could think of a better quality and price. With us, you will get such superb quality of printed product that your clients will want to frame your business card/flyer/brochure and hang it up above their bed! Oh, and did we mention that we get one of the lowest printing prices in Canada?

So, there you have it – this is what we do. Get in touch with us for your next project!


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