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We are a small business focused on Interior Design serving the Greater Toronto Ontario area. Our focus is on enhancing the art and science of interior design and building healthy beautiful spaces that you will love. Our Interior Designer Stacy Musselman will work with you to plan, research and coordinate the entire interior design project. We are fully insured and have purchased ample amounts of Commercial General Liability Insurance so that you can trust our work as we come ready to work and insured by some of Canada’s Leading Insurance companies. We believe that interior design is one of the most aesthetically beautiful professions that can exist from conceptual design and planning to construction and execution of the design.

Our Interior Design Experience:

We have a great deal of experience working with multiple stakeholders of a project including construction contractors and various other tradesman. Our focus tends to be on residential homes and small commercial offices. Private residence design is always very individual specific, working with you to design your vision is a niche that we excel at and believe that although the process can be very time consuming it doesn’t have to be daunting. We like to have the owner be very involved in the design process with regular touch points and feedback, working with us to fine tune the design at each step along the design and development journey including construction. This helps us make sure that there are no surprises at the end when everything is completed.

Our Quality Guarantee:

To ensure the quality of our work and provide added assurance to our clients we are fully bonded and insured. We have the necessary commercial general liability insurance to provide the safety and security you will need to assure you that not only are we devoted to doing a good job but also should there ever be a disaster we are fully covered and able to respond with little effort on our end. We are more than happy to add your name as named insured on our commercial insurance policy should you require us to do so and when the cost of the project is significant enough to warrant the added expense. We work with sophisticated insurance companies in order to deliver a quality guarantee like no other interior design firm.

Our Interior Design Education:

Stacy has taken many paths in becoming a professional interior designer. Having worked under many other famous interior Designers in Toronto she has over 30 years of experience and education developing innovative interior designs. Stay holds Honours Bachelors Degree in Design from the University of Toronto and has furthered her studies in design by attending various design workshops in Toronto and other international cities like Berlin and London.